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My name is Nicole Basham, Owner and Therapist at Peachy's Therapeutic Massage. My family childhood nickname is, Peachy, hence the business name. I went to Pittsburgh School Of Massage Therapy and graduated in 2003 then went on to advance courses at School of Massage Therapy, in Monroeville, Pa and graduated again in 2004. I opened Peachy's Therapeutic Massage as soon as I graduated. Opened up in Downtown Grove City, in 2004. I worked for a couple years then decided to move to Orlando, Florida and ended just being on vacation for 5 years:) Once, I was ready to get back to my business, I moved back to Mercer County, reopened my business and once I established a client list of over 600, I moved to Pittsburgh. So, 10 years later, the entire time I have been studying ways to muscular relief pain.

 I specialize in Trigger Point Therapy, releasing "knots" that are causing you pain, tightness, numbness and tingling. I was voted Best of the Best: Massage Therapist, in Mercer County four years in a row. I was called to work at the U.S. Open when it as at Oakmount, Pa in 2016. I’ve been featured in local magazines and the paper several times. My, Trigger Point Therapy and Pain Management research has lead me to work with several Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists over the last ten years. My goal is to help you have zero pain or at least manage it to give you a better quality of life. Also, I make fun, educational video's on Facebook to help people understand their bodies better. We have fun on the video's but I take my job very seriously and I am dedicated to helping you.  We will be uploading the video's here soon.



6 week Medical Massage Pain Relief Treatment Package

This program is to help relief pain, chronic tightness, headaches, shooting pain,  and many other muscular problems that you have been struggling with for awhile. After, muscular pain & tightness goes untreated for a long period of time, muscles will literally lock up which will change the way your muscles function, limit your range of motion and all this will move your skeletal system.  Hence, people spend a lot of time at Chiropractors offices, not that anything is wrong with going, but, if its a muscular problem that's pulling on your skeletal system then you need to get the muscles loosened/unlocked up so that the adjustment last longer. People tend to ignore their muscular issues, but I promise you muscle memory us a real thing and they need to be taken care of daily in order to function properly 

 I will see you for 6 weeks, the first couple weeks I may need to see you twice a week, the last couple weeks should be spread out over 2 months, due to you should be on maintenance appointments. Maintenance appointments, are for maintaining your loose muscles, this can be anywhere from 4-12 weeks apart. Each body is different so each treatment plan will be different, they are structured to your specific needs. 

You can schedule your first appointment through this website or call the office phone. You will pay at the beginning then I will schedule to rest for you. You will have VIP access to times and days aren't online, you will get any add-on that I need to use with no additional cost. If, I think you need 2 appointments, there's no extra charge, You pay one price and that's it. 

Please, feel free to call and I can answer any questions that you may have about this treatment package.

Nicole Basham

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Covid Regulations are still in play

*Must be able to wear a mask

*No kids under 18, only one person in at a time

*Limited talking while in treatment rooms

*Grove City, please arrive 10 mins. early & wait in your car until called

*Please do not shedule someone eles under your account. They need thier own or we will have to start one when they arive whih takes 10-15 mins off their session. Please, call and I will do it for you



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